About Us

We are manufacturers and exporters of leather jackets, leather belts, wallets, bags and all other leather related items. All our products are made with top quality leather and are treated to enhance softness, durability and water stain resistance and color retention, we guarantee workmanship and leather quality at extremely competitive price with timely delivery.

In Glamor Leather, our experts are specialized in Leather Industry with leather products being the keen specialization. Our main aim is to provide the customer the best and finest quality of Leather along with expert quality stitching. We give our complete effort in order to satisfy the customer requirements.

The Leather we use is of high Quality and comprises of the following types:

  1. Cow-hide Leather
  2. Soft sheep Leather
  3. Lamb Leather
  4. Goat Leather

In each and every product we will mention from which type of Leather it is being manufactured from. You can choose different types of leather on the product page.

Each of our product are made on order we do not keep stock to maintain the best quality of our products and because of different size measurements.